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Our Story

I would feel selfish if I started talking directly about myself, without mentioning the people who inspired me to be the professional I am today.

The first person that comes to mind is my grandmother Luisa de Rivas, one of those women you meet on the street, and it was impossible not to turn your head and look. I remember every morning seeing her perfectly made up, her hair perfectly coiffed and her impeccable clothes. She regularly underwent cosmetic treatments to care for her skin.

I remember when I stayed home because there was no school that day and she went to work, I started to put on makeup and dress like her, I certainly enjoyed it. By the age of 12, I already knew how to do my hair and I grew to love makeup more and more every day. In Middle School, my mom was called to the principal’s office more than 3 times because I was used too much makeup for my age. My love of makeup and self-expression though makeup has always been a passion of mine.

My grandparents were a great influence in my life and instilled in me the importance of having a degree, so I studied accounting. During that time, my aunt, who is also dear to my heart, owned the largest and most well-known beauty center in my city. She appeared in magazines, on TV and people adored her. I remember visiting her business and seeing all of her certificates covering the walls displaying all the knowledge she had acquired throughout the years. She was always busy, but what I liked most about watching her work was the sweetness with which she served her clients. She still inspires me today in many ways!

From my mother I learned that once you set your mind to a specific target you can make it come true.

My husband gave me some of the best advice he has received to date, in addition to his support: You don’t need to have everything to make a project a reality, the important thing is to start with what you have.

I can say that I have done makeup since I was a child, but my first professional experience was in 2011, while competing in the Miss Lara contest in my city. Throughout my college years I did all of my friends’ makeups, my friends’ friends and my aunts’ friends, everyone who knew me wanted me to do their makeup and I was thrilled! But the truth is that makeup was not seen as a profitable business or as a serious profession as it is seen today, still it was a way for me to make extra income.

In 2017 I emigrated to the USA, with American Dreams. The first goal I set for myself was to be recognized as an ambassador for the most popular brands in this country and I achieved that dream!

Today I am an ambassador for brands such as Urban Decay, Morphe, Benefit, Pixi Beauty, Mario Badescu, Ofra cosmetics, Boxy charm, sigma and many more. My clients often asked me if I style and clean eyebrows, so I decided to take it to the next level and become an eyebrow specialist! When I finished my first course around 2018 I felt ready to offer the very best. Then I took it a step further and learned about trending brow lamination services with a pioneer of the technique in Miami. After that course, my clients’ need for a permanent service arose and the technique that best suited my style was microblading. After much research, I selected the best teacher and obtained my first certification in microblading and shading.

The next step was to have my licenses in cosmetology. I remained firm in my vision of having a comprehensive beauty center and today I can proudly say that I have a license in cosmetology from the State of Texas.

After obtaining my license in cosmetology, I decided to enroll in Phi Academy, the academy that created the microblading technique to obtain my second certification. Today I am a Phibrows Artist. But I didn’t stop there, I continued to master my art and now I have  3 certifications on the Microblading technique.

I want you to know how important you are to me as a client and that each of my licenses and certifications is because I am truly grateful to you.

about ballisima
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